What to Do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On


The check engine light is often a light that will come on to alert you if your oxygen sensor with your engine detects a problem with the amount of unburned oxygen that is certainly passing through your exhaust. - Arbor Auto Works

The check engine light may come on if the gas cap is loose and it is allowing the engine to discharge gasoline fumes in the air, or if the catalytic converter isn't working correctly - which may mean that your engine is producing dangerous. This is a serious issue, and something that could make you or maybe your passengers very ill whenever they breathe in the fumes while in the car for an long time.

It is important that you do not ignore the light if it turns on. Sometimes, the issue is minor (and fixed) but the light could be a sign of much more serious conditions could be causing pollution or putting your overall health at risk.

A good garage will be able to quickly run a diagnostic to figure out what is wrong in your particular case, then advise you on how to system. There are several components mixed up in successful combustion of fuel and the way to turn that into kinetic energy - of course, if even one part of the chain breaks down this can cause serious problems. Fixing the matter could be as simple as replacing your spark plugs or it could be a much bigger job. Thanks to tool such as OBD II Scanners, a fantastic garage can resolve the issue easily, and after that fix it for you and have you back on the highway immediately, confident in the data that your car is protected, environmentally friendly and running as well as can be. - Arbor Auto Works

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